Wireless Tag Affiliate Program NEW!


Love Wireless Tag? Let people know about it and earn referral in cash!

Recommend our products by email, on facebook/twitter/online forums or on your blogs/websites to earn 20% of sales by your referral (excluding shipping) paid via refund to your existing orders, then through PayPal as cash.

Existing order number(s) and/or PayPal email to receive payment:  

Pick a landing page from below (or enter your own blog article that would make people interested in our product) and click the "Generate Link". A "URL to share" that redirects people to the landing page you picked will be created. If a person clicks this "URL to share" and eventually buys our product in the next 60 days, you will get notified by email (at ) immediately, and paid within 14 days.

Landing Page:

URL to share Landing page # of Clicks # of Orders Total sales

*This affiliate program is meant to enhance visibility of our products on the Internet. It is not meant to allow a customer to get discount on the his/her second order. The link must be posted on forums/blogs/social media sites with large relevant audience, and 10 or more unique visitors (other than yourself) must click the link before it can generate above referral credit.

Date/Time Landing Page Order number Customer Name Order Amount Referral Fees Earned Paid On