Wireless Tag Customer Referral Program


We need your help to grow Wireless Tags!

We rely on continued revenue from hardware sales to maintain our free/unlimited-usage cloud service (hosted at Rackspace and GCE costing thousands of dollars per month), to provide technical support / bugs fixes as well as to maintain and improve our Wireless Tag apps you use everyday, especially when there are compatibility breaking changes in new iOS and Android OS versions. If you are happy about Wireless Tag, please support our growth and our efforts to keep your system running 24/7 flawlessly, by recommending our products to your friends and online followers.

Refer us by email, on facebook/twitter/online forums or on your blogs/websites to earn 30% of sales by your referral (excluding shipping) paid through PayPal as cash.

PayPal email to receive payment:  

Pick a landing page from below (or enter your own blog article that would make people interested in our product) and click the "Generate Link". A "URL to share" that redirects people to the landing page you picked will be created. If a person clicks this "URL to share" and eventually buys our product in the next 60 days, you will get notified by email (at ) immediately, and paid monthly at end of each month by PayPal.

Landing Page:

URL to share Landing page # of Clicks # of Orders Total sales

*This generous affiliate program is not meant to give 30% discount on your second and future order. The link must be widely shared, and 10 or more unique visitors (other than yourself) must click the link before it can generate a referral credit.

Date/Time Landing Page Order number Customer Name Order Amount Referral Fees Earned Paid On