Line of sight, we measured 700ft+ range vs. ~150ft range (in default setting) of 1st Gen sensor tag. This means the long range sensor tags will work extremely well anywhere in your house, no matter if it is inside a metal fridge, behind a metal door, or inside mail box in your front yard. We did this by a combination of increasing transmit power to FCC limit, using optimal frequency modulation index, 5x more accurate frequency reference (10ppm) than our 1st generation tags, and new frequency control techniques to allow narrow receiver bandwidth of 20kHz to filter more noise. 20kHz is 1000 times narrower than the bandwidth of WiFi. with advanced DSP-based filtering, 1000 times less noise at receiver output results in higher sensitivity and longer range, even at much lower transmit power than that of WiFi to achieve longer battery life / smaller battery size.

Low Power Receive Mode:

Automatic transmit power control

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