Quad Water Leak Sensor:  3rd Gen Water-leak Sensor with Programmable Detection Sensitivity

3rd generation water leak "Kumo Sensor" offers 4 multi-purpose water detectors with different sensitivity. This allows 4 levels of water detect alarm sensitivity to suit your particular application or environment. We developed this in response to customer's feedback about insufficient water leak detection reliability / false alarms in the old 2nd Gen Water/soil-moisture sensor. The reliability is greatly increased with the redundancy and majority vote principle.

In the old water/soil moisture sensor, the water detector was merely tin pads. Therefore, corrosion eventually reduces detection reliability, causing it to report constantly "water detected", or not reporting "detected" when there is water, or alternating between "detected", "not detected" in rapid succession. Now each detector is gold plated to resist corrosion.

We have noticed that only 10% of the old water/soil moisture sensor we sold were being used to measure soil moisture. There are also problems inherent to its soil moisture sensor design that develop over time. We have decided to remove the soil-moisture feature to make the sensor more compact, laying flat so you can easily put them between tight spaces.

To answer many customer's request, the battery (CR2450) is now replaceable, however replacing the battery breaks the water proof coating around the battery, making the sensor itself more susceptable to water damage.

The Majority Vote Principle

Multi-Purpose Detector / Analog Voltage Input Mode

These standard gold plated detectors can be configured from app to accept digital (i.e. relay) or analog voltage input. The analog voltage readings are then logged for later plotting, or you can enable monitoring on it just like temperature monitoring. Below picture shows connecting to a 0-3V output gas sensor module from SPEC sensors.

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